Mine is not a Kingdom of this world

 Today’s great feast stands at the end of the Church’s year, while the other great feast of Christ’s Kingship, the Epiphany, stands at the beginning. Both feasts celebrate Christ as the Alpha and the Omega – the First and the Last – the Beginning and the End.

The year ends with the image of Christ crowned, not with thorns, but with a king’s crown of glory. Not surprising, then, that this feast comes immediately before Advent, when the evergreen circle of the Advent Wreath is set in place.

A healthy faith keeps everything in balance and perspective: seeing the presence of God in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the scripture readings of the Mass; seeing God’s presence in the community gathered at the altar Sunday after Sunday, as well as in the world about us.

Today, both scripture and the liturgy direct our thoughts about Jesus to the past, the present and the future.

Those who look only to the past take the easiest route – God will sort it out, not me. It’s a bit like the difference between watching a sport and actually playing it.

Those who concentrate on the present are probably enthusiastic about their faith, eager to spread the Good News, but without being aware of Israel’s history and the life of Jesus in the Scriptures, or the Church’s teaching through the centuries.

Those who look forward only to the future coming of Christ spend more time looking to the heavens for signs of this second coming than the actual conditions of the world round about them, making life difficult for their fellow human beings in the present – here and now.


St. Joseph’s – Saturday vigil: 7.00 pm.

                           Sunday: 11.00; 6.30 pm.

St. Lucy’s (721 387): 11.30 am.

Sacred Heart (721 387): Saturday vigil: 6.00 pm.

                                                  Sunday: 10.00; 5.30 pm.


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