A poor widow came and put in two small coins, the equivalent of a penny

Today’s first reading and the Gospel both speak about widows. In the first Book of Kings, the prophet Elijah asks the widow for a little water and a piece of bread. The widow and her son are so poor that they’re close to starvation, but she shares the little they have. In the Gospel we see Jesus watching people in the Temple, observing a widow putting two copper coins “worth a penny” into the Temple treasury.

Jesus marvelled at the generosity of the widow who gave so little in terms of money, but it was all she had. All she had left was hope. At first glance it may seem that this widow acted irresponsibly by giving up all the money she had. That was just stupid! Or was it? How can she possibly be an example for us?

Each of us has probably had a similar experience – not necessarily involving money, but involving how much we let go and commit ourselves completely to something we believe in, usually with no guarantees, and perhaps only some small hope of success.

The poor widow typifies what Jesus Himself will do – offering everything completely to God. Jesus gives His all, and He hopes that we, His followers, will be equally generous with our own resources – not just money, but our time, our talents, our understanding.

Practice of our faith calls us to show God’s love through our own love, especially for the hungry, the lonely and destitute. There is no shortage of needs, or of ways in which to respond. Let our generosity be an echo of God’s love.



Here are some of the ways we can work with Him:-

Cheer up someone with a wee prezzie.

Give help to those who can’t get about … keep them company as well.

Make friends with people who are lonely.

Share our good things.

Pray that Jesus will send adults to help those we can’t help by ourselves.

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