Childrens Liturgy

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The children of the parish are invited by Father Mckay to celebrate the Liturgy of The Word with their own catechists at 11am Sunday morning Mass
Offering the children a Liturgy of The Word, which is suited to their age and adapted to their stage of development, can become one of the key ways of helping them grow in faith. 

The Children’s Liturgy is a real and positive route to help the children develop into real and informed Christians. It also illustrates to them that the word of The Lord has a natural and important place in their daily lives. By allowing the children the opportunity to participate at their own level, to be active, and to be involved, helps to build a healthy relationship between The Liturgy and their daily living. It also provides the children with a strong base for sincere and lasting faith. 

The children gather in the Church and begin the Mass with everyone else. After the Sign of the Cross and the Greeting, the Priest calls the children forward, presents them with a Bible and the adult leaders process with the children to the “upper room” The children come back into church at the offertory where they display what they have done and then some of them take part in the Offertory procession.

If you would like to help with this important ministry, please let Father or Veronica know. Following a mandatory PVG check We will welcome you in joining our team of dedicated volunteers.
This is not a closed group – all primary school age children in the Church are welcome and encouraged to attend

Online Fun… while you are waiting for next weeks childrens liturgy here is a link to some fun online activities you may want to try

Remember last week we celebrated Trinity Sunday . We thought about the
The Father
The Son and
The Holy Spirit ….three persons in One God
Today we celebrate the feast of” Corpus Christi” that is Latin for “the Body of Christ”

Every day people go to Mass… yes EVERYDAY! Not just on a Sunday!

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During Mass the priest does what Jesus did on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper.
 Do you remember? Jesus said “ Do this in memory of Me” By sharing the Eucharist at Mass, we celebrate the Father who sent his Son Jesus to us, we celebrate Jesus who taught us how to love, and we celebrate the Holy Spirit who remains with us and guides us today.  Every week in the Eucharist, we remember the God who loves us.  

Today’s Gospel is one I’m sure you’ve heard of before.  It’s about a miracle where Jesus managed to feed a lot of hungry people when all he had was five loaves and ftwo fish!

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Imagine you are in the crowd of people who have come to Jesus. You were hungry and had no idea where you would find food. But then because of Jesus’ miracle and the kindness of one boy who wanted to share his food you get given something to eat.

Even though there is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone there are many people who go without food every day – both here in the UK and in other countries. The food in our world is not shared out fairly.

We are all members of one global family. We are all parts of one body – the body of Christ. So if one person is hungry, it is like we are all hungry.

Just like Jesus asks the disciples to feed the crowd in today’s reading, we are also asked to do what we can to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. We can help by not wasting food by eating what we’ve been given at home or maybe by giving food to food banks or donating some of our pocket money to charities.

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Give your Gift and God will use it

Being hungry means that a person really needs something, something very important.  Sometimes a person might be hungry for a friend…. Or a hug…. Can you think of something else a person might really need… that they might be hungry for? 
If we let him, Jesus satisfies our hunger for love.

Try to do one thing this week to help someone who is hungry. GIVE YOUR GIFT AND GOD WILL USE IT