Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy

100_0776In the first part of the Mass we celebrate the Liturgy of the Word. We listen to our readers as they deliver the Word of God to us by reading from the Bible. This is followed by the Gospel and the Homily. This part of the Mass can be long, especially for young children, who are easily bored by readings which they do not yet understand. The Children’s Liturgy teaches children about the Gospel at a level they can understand and enjoy. This helps to make the Mass a positive and meaningful experience for children, while helping them to grow in the Catholic faith and become full and active members of our Parish Community.

Children’s Prayers

Download this sheet of children’s prayers and say them with your child.


Play the exciting adventures of the Bible!   <<< Click the Link!

Run. Jump. Explore. Enter the wonderful world of Ancora and play your way through exciting Bible Quests. With a new Quest each month, the stories of the Bible are really brought to life in new and exciting ways.

Play exciting quizzes. Test your knowledge by taking quizzes on the Bible Quests you’ve completed – how much can you remember about the stories? Why not try the personality quizzes, too, and find out which Guardians of Ancora character you’re most like.

Listen to the Bible stories. Enter the ‘Story of the saga’ library to find out even more about the lost stories of the saga – The Bible stories the Quests are based on. Listen as chief storyteller, Fabula, reads the exciting stories aloud.

Watch the videos. Visit the Theatre of the Saga and watch videos related to each Bible story. New videos are being added every week!

Other Children’s Activities

St Joseph picture to colour  Here are some pictures of St Joseph, the Patron saint of our parish. Maybe you could print them out and colour them. Bring them to church next time you come, to show Father McKay and maybe he’ll put them up on the wall for everyone to enjoy. 


Second Sunday of Advent  December 9th 2018



Todays Gospel tell us about John the Baptist…did you know John the Baptist was Jesus’ big cousin? When John was about 30 years old he left home and went to live by himself in the desert he wanted to be alone so that he could concentrate on what to do with his life by praying every day to God for guidance.

God told John to go and tell all the people to change their lives and turn back to God.  He was to tell them To PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD he told the people that if they were sorry for their sins and were baptised that God would forgive them.  God told John to baptise the people who were sorry and wanted God’s forgiveness.Capture

That’s why he is called John the Baptist!… John baptised the people in the  River Jordan, he used water because water makes us clean. Water is essential for life… We need water every day for drinking cooking and just to stay alive.

How do you think the people felt when John told them God wanted them to change their ways? I think some people might not listen, might be angry or annoyed so John had to be quite brave… John did not have an easy job to do, but he did what God told him.

It’s not always easy for us to do the right thing, but we should trust in God just as John did. John was preparing the people to meet Jesus. During this time of Advent, we also prepare to meet Jesus at Christmas!

Dear Jesus, Help us we pray, to prepare well this Advent so that we are able to trust in You always and like John the Baptist, do what is right even when it is not easy.
Dear Jesus, Help us we pray, to be awake to the needs of others by being thoughtful, kind and helpful.
Dear Heavenly Father, Help us to listen to Your word in the Gospel, and like John the Baptist, help us to be brave and do what is right and pleasing to You.