Sunday Sermon 2nd August 2020

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55, 1-3; Romans 8: 35, 37-39; Matthew 14: 13-21

The people of Galilee began to realise that in Jesus, someone special was in their midst: a young man who could heal, and who spoke “with authority” in ways which enthralled his listeners. Hoping for some quiet time to compose himself, Jesus withdrew from the crowds, but they quickly guessed where He was going, and went after Him, so that when He stepped ashore, the crowd was already waiting expectantly once more to have all their needs fulfilled.

Immediately, Jesus has compassion on the crowd, even to the extent of making sure that they don’t go away hungry from that deserted place after a long day. The bread which He multiplied to supply the bodily needs of the Galilean multitude that day was, of course, a foreshadowing of the heavenly food which He was about to give as spiritual nourishment to those who would  become  His  new followers – and us – that day, until the end of time.

Those Galileans must have been grateful for His providing so kindly and thoughtfully for their bodily needs. How much more grateful should we be for the miracle by means of which He has left us Himself to be our daily spiritual food?

When we compare our own unworthiness with His incredible love and thoughtfulness, perhaps all that’s left for us to say is, “Lord, You know that I am not worthy to receive You. Nevertheless, You offer constantly to come into my heart, into my soul. Make me less unworthy, forgive all my past sins and offences, and give me the strength to be better in the future.”


  1. Hi Father. This is a lovely homily. Hope you are well. The Carricks are all fine and waiting for the time when we can receive the Holy Sacraments.

    God bless,

    The Carricks

    1. Thank you for your message It won’t be long now when we can share in Holy Mass together . You know of course that Confessions can be heard at any time just contact Fr. McKay by phone, email or knock on the door.
      Stay well and look after each other


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