Childrens Liturgy

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The children of the parish are invited by Father Mckay to celebrate the Liturgy of The Word with their own catechists at 11am Sunday morning Mass
Offering the children a Liturgy of The Word, which is suited to their age and adapted to their stage of development, can become one of the key ways of helping them grow in faith. 

The Children’s Liturgy is a real and positive route to help the children develop into real and informed Christians. It also illustrates to them that the word of The Lord has a natural and important place in their daily lives. By allowing the children the opportunity to participate at their own level, to be active, and to be involved, helps to build a healthy relationship between The Liturgy and their daily living. It also provides the children with a strong base for sincere and lasting faith. 

The children gather in the Church and begin the Mass with everyone else. After the Sign of the Cross and the Greeting, the Priest calls the children forward, presents them with a Bible and the adult leaders process with the children to the “upper room” The children come back into church at the offertory where they display what they have done and then some of them take part in the Offertory procession.

If you would like to help with this important ministry, please let Father or Veronica know. Following a mandatory PVG check We will welcome you in joining our team of dedicated volunteers.
This is not a closed group – all primary school age children in the Church are welcome and encouraged to attend

Online Fun… while you are waiting for next weeks children’s liturgy here is a link to some fun online activities you may want to try

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus Said:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 (NIV)

The other day i was in my garden and found a branch from my tree which had been broken off by the wind, all the leaves on it had withered and died. and then when I was in the park I found another branch it didn’t even have leaves ! in fact it was just a stick that had been a branch once.

Do you think that if I took these branches out into my garden and planted them in the ground and watered them they would come back to life? No, that wouldn’t work, because the branches get the nutrients that they need to live from the tree. Branches cannot live or grow without the tree. Without the tree, there will never be leaves on the branches. If the branch comes from a fruit tree, there will never be fruit on the branch if it is separated from the tree. If I take this dead branch and plant it in the ground and water it, it won’t come back to life, it will just be an old stick in the mud.

That same thing is true about our life with Jesus. Listen to what Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches. If someone remains in me and I in them, they will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

If we keep our life connected to Jesus, we will grow. Our life will produce beautiful leaves and delicious fruit. But if we are separated from Jesus, our leaves will wither and die and we will never put forth any fruit.

Jesus called us his branches because he supports us, like a tree trunk supports its branches. And he wants us to bear fruit for him.

What Jesus means is that he wants us to stay close to him and follow his teachings. This means being the best we can be, loving each other, and loving the beautiful world he has given us.

But this world is changing. Because we humans have treated the planet badly, our climate is heating up. And the hotter it gets, the more we see big weather disasters like storms or droughts – when there is no rain and everything dries up like the vine we heard about in today’s gospel.

Everyone will be affected, but right now it is the poorest people who suffer the most.

We all have a part to play to protect our world, so that it stays a beautiful place for us all to live in safely.  

There are many ways that we can show love for our neighbour and care for our world. Can you think of some, so that you will be like the strong, healthy branches on the vine that Jesus talks about?
We know that Jesus is the true vine always supporting us, his branches. Let us keep this in mind as we pray together:

We pray for the Church throughout the world: that it may follow Christ’s example and show love and welcome to all people. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for all those who have been badly affected by the changing climate; may we always show care for our planet and not damage it any more. Lord, in your mercy

We pray for our parish, family and friends: that we may be moved to show love for our neighbours, both here and around the world. Lord, in your mercy…
Dear Jesus, help us to remember that apart from you, we can do nothing. Amen.

What will your life be? Will you be a beautiful branch on the tree…or will you just be a stick?