Childrens Liturgy

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The children of the parish are invited by Father Mckay to celebrate the Liturgy of The Word with their own catechists at 11am Sunday morning Mass
Offering the children a Liturgy of The Word, which is suited to their age and adapted to their stage of development, can become one of the key ways of helping them grow in faith. 

The Children’s Liturgy is a real and positive route to help the children develop into real and informed Christians. It also illustrates to them that the word of The Lord has a natural and important place in their daily lives. By allowing the children the opportunity to participate at their own level, to be active, and to be involved, helps to build a healthy relationship between The Liturgy and their daily living. It also provides the children with a strong base for sincere and lasting faith. 

The children gather in the Church and begin the Mass with everyone else. After the Sign of the Cross and the Greeting, the Priest calls the children forward, presents them with a Bible and the adult leaders process with the children to the “upper room” The children come back into church at the offertory where they display what they have done and then some of them take part in the Offertory procession.

If you would like to help with this important ministry, please let Father or Veronica know. Following a mandatory PVG check We will welcome you in joining our team of dedicated volunteers.
This is not a closed group – all primary school age children in the Church are welcome and encouraged to attend

Online Fun… while you are waiting for next weeks children’s liturgy here is a link to some fun online activities you may want to try

Second Sunday Ordinary Time

Jesus, his mother Mary, and the disciples were at a wedding, where they ran out of wine. Mary asked Jesus to help and so he changed some water into wine so that the celebration could continue.

How do you think that the servants must have felt when they saw that the water had turned into wine?

It must have been very surprising for them. And for the bride and bridegroom who were told that they had saved the best wine for last.

What do you think the world “miracle” means?

When we don’t know how something happens, and we know it can only have been done by God, we call it a miracle. Turning the water into wine is the first miracle that Jesus performs. Can you think of any others? (feeding the 5,000, healing people etc)

Why do you think he performed this miracle, turning the water into wine? What does it tell us about him?

The miracle shows us how special and important Jesus is. It shows us that he is the Son of God and that he can do anything.

While we cannot work miracles, we can make real changes that make a difference to our own lives and the lives of others.

Joseph is a member of a CAFOD group in his primary school. They meet at lunchtime to do different activities and learn about, pray and help other children around the world who live in poverty.

Joseph and his friends planned their own CAFOD fundraiser to raise money to help even more children.

Thousands of children also let world leaders know that the eyes of the world were watching them ahead of the climate change talks last November. They made sure that their voices and the voices of those who are already facing floods, storms and natural disasters because of the changing climate were heard.

What changes do you think we can make to help build a fairer world, so that all people have what they need to live happy, healthy and peaceful lives?

Through seeing Jesus’ miracle the disciples believed in him. Through our actions we hope that others will see that we believe in Jesus too.

.We know that all things are possible to God and so we pray together:

We pray for world leaders: that they may use their power wisely so all of their people can live free from poverty. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for people who are living in poverty throughout the world: that together with them we may never stop working for a fairer world and a future filled with hope. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for our parish, families and friends: that we may be inspired to make a difference, to change our own lives and reach out to help others who are trying to change their lives too. Lord, in your mercy…  

Closing prayer: God of life, may we be inspired by the miracles that your Son Jesus performed, to do our best to make a real difference to others around the world. Amen.

Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding in Cana (John 2) | Sunday school coloring  pages, Water into wine, Bible story crafts