15th November 2022 - 15th November 2022 |

St. Albert the Great

St. Albert the Great (1206-1280).  Born at Lauingen on the Danube In Germany, he studied at Padua and Paris before entering the Dominican Order where he engaged in teaching in different places with great merit.  Ordained Bishop of Regensburg, he strove to secure peace between both peoples and cities.  He also wrote many famous works […]

12th November 2022 - 12th November 2022 |

St Josaphat

St. Josaphat (1580-1623).  Born in the Ukraine of Orthodox parents, he became a “western” Catholic and joined the monks of St. Basil.  Becoming a priest, he was elected Bishop of Polock where he worked strenuously for the unity of the Church before suffering martyrdom at the hands of his enemies. Picture: Martyrdom of Josaphat Kuntsevych(c. 1861) […]

11th November 2022 - 11th November 2022 |

St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of Tours (316-397).  Born in Pannonia pf pagan parents, he received baptism, gave up his career as a soldier and founded a monastery at Liguge in France where he led a religious life under the guidance of St, Hilary.  After his ordination to the priesthood, he was chosen to be Bishop of the […]

10th November 2022 - 10th November 2022 |

St. Leo the Great

St. Leo the Great (+ 461).  Born on the Tuscan Plain, Italy, he became pope in 440. A true shepherd and father of his people, he constantly strove to preserve the integrity of the faith, defended the unity of the Church, repelled or at least alleviated the incursions of the barbarians, whence he earned his […]

9th November 2022 - 9th November 2022 |

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica.  It was initially built by the Emperor Constantine on the Lateran Hill in Rome in the 12th century.  At first, it was only a Roman feast, but since the Basilica was called the Mother and Head of all Churches of the City (Rome) and the world, the feast was extended […]

4th November 2022 - 4th November 2022 |

St. Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo (1538-1584).  Born at Arona in Lombardy, he obtained a doctorate in both civil and canon law, and was created a cardinal by his uncle, Pius IV and then chosen to be Bishop of Milan.  As a true shepherd of his flock, he frequently went round his diocese, called synods, and made wise […]

2nd November 2022 - 2nd November 2022 |

All Souls

All Souls. Yesterday we celebrated the feast of All Saints; today we turn our thoughts to those who have departed from this earth, but for some reason are not yet worthy to enter Heaven – the Church Suffering.  It is our duty to pray for these souls, since the Church teaches us that they can […]

1st November 2022 - 1st November 2022 |

All Saints

All Saints. Today the Church celebrates the feast of all those in Heaven, not only the great canonised, officially recognised, saints, but also our own relatives and friends.  It reminds us that the Church is made up of three parts – the Church Triumphant, already enjoying the beatific vision of God in Heaven, the Church […]

28th October 2022 - 28th October 2022 |

Ss. Simon and Jude

Ss. Simon and Jude.  Simon is named eleventh in the list of apostles.  Nothing is known about him, apart from the fact that he was born in Cana of Galilee and known as “The Zealot” suggesting that he was a bit fiery and committed to the faith.  Jude, also known as Thaddeus, was the one […]

24th October 2022 - 24th October 2022 |

St. Anthony Mary Claret

St. Anthony Mary Claret (1807-1870).  Born in Sallent, Spain, he became a priest and preached initially to the people of Catalonia before founding the Claretian Order.  He became a bishop in Cuba where he worked for the good of souls with great profit.  Returning to Spain, he had to endure many trials for the sake […]