31st December 2021 - 31st December 2021 |

Mass for Peace

In preparation for the New Year, a Mass for peace will be offered at 11:40pm. Why not come along and join us in praying for peace in our world, in the next year and beyond.

29th December 2021 - 29th December 2021 |

St. Thomas à Becket

St. Thomas à Becket (1118-1170).  Born in London, he was made Chancellor of England and also rose to become Archbishop of Canterbury where he fell foul of King Henry II over his efforts to defend the rights of the Church.  Exiled to France for six years, on his return to England, he again had to bear […]

28th December 2021 - 28th December 2021 |

The Holy Innocents

King Herod obtained the rough date of the birth of the “King of the Jews” from the Wise Men who had come to seek and adore Him.  Through fear, hoping to avoid any challenge to his throne he had all children under the age of two massacred in a trawl which he hoped would include […]

27th December 2021 - 27th December 2021 |

St. John the Evangelist

The beloved disciple, son of Zebedee, who, at Peter’s behest, leaned on his Master’s breast at the Last Supper to enquire whom was the one who would betray Him.  Brother of James, they were known as “Boanerges” or “sons of thunder” perhaps because he wanted to call down fire on the Samaritans who rejected their […]

26th December 2021 - 26th December 2021 |

St. Stephen

A deacon and proto-martyr of the Church.  All we know of his life is contained in the Acts of the Apostles where he was stoned for blasphemy without a formal trial as he saw a vision of Christ at God’s right hand.  The so-called witnesses place their garments (in order not to get them soiled, […]

25th December 2021 - 25th December 2021 |


The second greatest feast of the Church’s calendar (Easter being the greatest, when Jesus proved that He was truly the divine Son of God by His resurrection from the dead).  The shepherds were the first to hear the good news of man’s salvation from angels, followed by the adoration of the Magi, the three Wise […]

23rd December 2021 - 23rd December 2021 |

St John of Kenty

St John of Kenty (1390-1473).  Born at Kenty in Crakow, he became a priest and taught for many years in the University there.  Also parish priest of Olkusz. Excelling in holiness and charity to his neighbour, he was a true example to his colleagues and students.

21st December 2021 - 21st December 2021 |

St. Peter Canisius

St. Peter Canisius (1521-1597).  Born in Holland at Nijmegen, he studied in Cologne and joined the Jesuit Order, ordained 1546.  He was sent to Germany where he worked to defend and strengthen the faith by his writings and preaching.  His Catechism is outstanding for this.  He died at Fribourg in Switzerland.

13th December 2021 - 13th December 2021 |

St. Lucy

St. Lucy (+ 304).  Suffered martyrdom at Syracuse, probably in the persecution of Emperor Diocletian.  Her name in mentioned in the first Mass Canon of the Church (Canon 1).  Tradition states that when her suitor (whom she had rejected!) accused her to the authorities, the judge ordered her to be violated in a brothel where […]

12th December 2021 - 12th December 2021 |

St. Jane Frances de Chantal

St. Jane Frances de Chantal ( 1572-1641).  Born in Dijon, France, she married a French nobleman to whom she bore six children whom she brought up religiously.  After her husband’s death, she placed herself under the direction of St. Francis de Sales and made great progress along the way of perfection, performing many works of […]