25th January 2022 - 25th January 2022 |

Conversion of St. Paul

From being one of the great persecutors of The Way he became its greatest proponent.  On his way to Jerusalem to arrest some of this new Christian sect, he was thrown from his horse and heard a voice saying, “Saul Saul, why are you persecuting  Me?” “Who are You, Lord?” – I am Jesus and […]

24th January 2022 - 24th January 2022 |

St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales was born at Annecy in Savoy in 1567. After ordination to the priesthood, he worked strenuously for the renewal of faith in his own country.  After he was elected Bishop of Geneva he showed himself a true shepherd.  Died at Lyons, 1623.

22nd January 2022 - 22nd January 2022 |

St. Vincent

St. Vincent, deacon of the Church in Saragossa, suffered terrible tortures and died a martyr’s death in Valenica during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian. Picture: St. Vincent of Saragossa (Menologion of Basil II, 10th century).

21st January 2022 - 21st January 2022 |

St. Agnes

St. Agnes suffered martyrdom aged about 12 either towards the end of the 3rd century or more likely at the beginning of the 4th.  Pope Damasus embellished her tomb with sacred verses.

20th January 2022 - 20th January 2022 |

Ss. Fabian & Sebastian

In the year 236, Fabian was chosen to be Bishop of Rome, and in 250, under the persecution of the Emperor Decius, he was crowned with martyrdom and buried in the cemetery of St. Callistus. Sebastian also suffered persecution under the Emperor Diocletian. He was put to death by arrows and buried in the cemetery […]

17th January 2022 - 17th January 2022 |

St. Anthony

Born about 250 in Egypt, he distributed all of his worldly goods to the poor and went into the desert to live a life of penance. Known by all as “the friend of God”. Picture: Painting of Saint Anthony, a part of The Visitation with Saint Nicholas and Saint Anthony Abbot by Piero di Cosimo, c. 1480.

13th January 2022 - 13th January 2022 |

St. Kentigern (Mungo)

Born about 518, in Culross, Fife, St Kentigern began his labours at Carthures on the River Clyde, the site of modern Glasgow, living a most austere life near the Molindinar Burn. He was forced to leave the district and retired to Wales for a time. He returned to evangelise Galloway and Cumberland and finally returned […]

13th January 2022 - 13th January 2022 |

St. Hilary

St. Hilary was born in Poitiers. He became bishop of the city in 350 and battled relentlessly against the Arian heresy and was exiled as a result. He published works which are outstanding in their wisdom and learning. Picture: The Ordination of Saint Hilary of Poitiers

1st January 2022 - 1st January 2022 |

New Year/Mary, Mother of God

A Mass for Peace will be celebrated on Hogmanay in our church at approximately 11.40 p.m. It’s timed to end as the bells ring out the New Year, and intended to ask God’s blessing on ourselves, our parish and the various troubled spots in our world. New Year’s Day is also the Feast of Mary, […]

31st December 2021 - 31st December 2021 |

St. Sylvester

St Silvester (+ 335).  Ordained Bishop of Rome in 314, he ruled the Church during the reign of the Emperor Constantine the Great at a time when the Donatist schism and Arian heresy were bringing great trouble on the Church.  He was buried in the cemetery of St. Priscilla on the Via Salaria, one of […]