13th December 2019 - 13th December 2019 |

St. Lucy

St. Lucy (+ 304).  Suffered martyrdom at Syracuse, probably in the persecution of Emperor Diocletian.  Her name in mentioned in the first Mass Canon of the Church (Canon 1).  Tradition states that when her suitor (whom she had rejected!) accused her to the authorities, the judge ordered her to be violated in a brothel where […]

12th December 2019 - 12th December 2019 |

St. Jane Frances de Chantal

St. Jane Frances de Chantal ( 1572-1641).  Born in Dijon, France, she married a French nobleman to whom she bore six children whom she brought up religiously.  After her husband’s death, she placed herself under the direction of St. Francis de Sales and made great progress along the way of perfection, performing many works of […]

11th December 2019 - 11th December 2019 |

St. Damasus

St. Damasus (305-384).  Of Spanish descent, he became a cleric in Rome and in 366, during exceptionally troubled times, he was ordained Bishop of Rome, calling together a number of synods against heretics and schismatics.  He promoted the veneration of martyrs whose tombs he embellished with sacred verses. Picture: Lithography of Pope Saint Damasus I (Lisboa, […]

8th December 2019 - 8th December 2019 |

The Immaculate Conception

One of the early doctrines of the Church teaches us, and requires our belief, that Our Blessed Lady was conceived immaculate, free from all stain of sin, even original sin.  Since her body was to conceive and bear the Son of God, it would have been unbecoming for her even to have the slightest taint […]

7th December 2019 - 7th December 2019 |

St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose (340-397).  Born at Trier of a Roman family, he studied Law at Rome, entered public service and, while living in Milan, was unexpectedly chosen to be Bishop of that city by public acclamation (“Ambrose for bishop”).  He carried out the office assiduously, a true shepherd and teacher of the faithful, showing tremendous charity […]

5th December 2019 - 5th December 2019 |

St. Nicholas

Bishop of Myra in south-western Turkey and renowned as a miracle worker and patron saint of sailors, unmarried girls, merchants, chemists and perfumiers.  Legend has it that he gave three bags of gold to three girls as marriage dowries in order to save them from prostitution.  This is seen as the basis for the three […]

4th December 2019 - 4th December 2019 |

St. John Damascene

Born in Damascus in the latter part of the 7th century, he became a monk in the monastery of St. Sabbas near Jerusalem where he was ordained a priest. He wrote extensively about the doctrines of the Church, especially against those who urged the destruction of sacred images.

3rd December 2019 - 3rd December 2019 |

St. Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier (1506-1552). Born in Navarre, Spain, he studied in Paris, joined St. Ignatius and was ordained to the priesthood in 1537.  He spent himself on works of charity before going to the East where he worked for ten years, preaching the Gospel in Goa, which contained many Portuguese Catholics, notorious for cruelty to their […]

30th November 2019 - 30th November 2019 |

St. Andrew

St. Andrew (+ 60).  Born at Bethsaida, formerly a disciple of John the Baptist, a fisherman by trade, he found Christ, and introduced his brother Peter to Him.  He also pointed out the young boy with the few loaves and fish, enabling Jesus to work the miracle of multiplication.  With the apostle Philip, he introduced […]

23rd November 2019 - 23rd November 2019 |

St. Clement

The third pope after St. Peter to rule the early Church about the end of the 1st century.  He wrote a renowned letter to the Corinthian community with the object of preserving peace and concord among them. Picture: 11th-century fresco in the Basilica of San Clemente, Rome: Saints Cyril and Methodius bring Saint Clement’s relics to […]