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St Bernard

Bernard (1090-11653). Born near Dijon in France, he joined the Cistercian community in 1111. Soon afterwards, he was elected abbot of the monastery of Clairvaux.  Outstanding by work and example, he travelled throughout Europe endeavouring to restore peace and unity, also writing many works dealing with theology and the spiritual life.

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St. John Eudes

St. John Eudes (1601-1680).  Born at Seez in France, after his ordination he spent many years preaching as a missioner.  He founded congregations to educate priests in seminaries, and to rescue omen in moral danger.  He strenuously promoted devotion to the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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St. Stephen

St. Stephen (969-1038).  Born in Hungary, he was baptised and crowned King of Hungary in 1000 A.D.   A just, peaceful and religious king, he kept church laws strictly, establishing many dioceses and strengthening the life of the Church before dying at Szekesfehervar. Picture: Portrayal of Stephen I, King of Hungary on the coronation pall.

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Assumption of Mary

In the feast of the Assumption, the Church solemnly declared as an article of faith which must be believed, the assumption of our Blessed Lady, body and soul, into Heaven.  Whether she died and was then taken into Heaven, or whether she was taken at the end of her life, we don’t know.  It does mean, […]

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St. Hippolytus and Pontianus

St. Hippolytus and Pontianus.  The latter was ordained bishop of Rome in 231, and exiled 4 years later by Emperor Maximinus to Sardinia along with Hippolytus.  Pontianus abdicated the papacy and after his death, he was buried in the cemetery of St. Callistus, while the body of Hippolytus was taken to the cemetery on the […]

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St Clare

St. Clare (1193-1253).  Born in Assisi, she followed her countryman, St. Francis, in his life of poverty.  She became the founder and first ruler of an order of nuns (the Poor Clares), leading a very austere personal life which abounded in works of piety and charity.  The same Order still begs on the streets of […]

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St. Laurence

St. Laurence (+ 258).  A deacon of the Church of Rome, he died in the same persecution as St. Sixtus about four days later.  He was buried on the Via Tiburtina, near the Campo Verano (which is still Rome’s modern-day cemetery), where the Emperor Constantine the Great (who had converted to Christianity) erected a basilica […]

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St. Dominic

St. Dominic (1170-1221).  Born at Calaruega in Spain, he studied theology at Palencia before beconing a Canon of the Cathedral of Osta.  In order to further his work he gathered a group of companions round him, and formed the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) one of the great preaching and teaching Orders of the Church. […]

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St. Sixtus and his Companions

St. Sixtus and his Companions (+ 258).  He was ordained Bishop of Rome in 257 and while saying Mass in the cemetery of St. Callistus the following year, he was seized by the soldiers of the Emperor Valerian, together with four of his deacons and put to death on the 6th August. Picture: Martyrdom of Saint […]

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St. Cajetan

St. Cajetan (1480-1547).  Born in Vicenza, he studied Law and was ordained a priest, founding the Order of Clerks Regular in order to help the work of his apostolate which spread through Venice and Naples.  Outstanding for his personal prayer and love of his neighbour, he died in Naples.