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23rd February 2021 - 23rd February 2021 |

St. Polycarp

A disciple of the apostles themselves and bishop of Smyrna, he went to Rome to confer with Pope Anicetus about the celebration of Easter.  Suffered martyrdom about 155 by being burned to death in the city (of Rome) stadium.

22nd February 2021 - 22nd February 2021 |

The See of Peter

A commemoration of the symbol of the unity of the Church founded on Peter, the Prince of Apostles: “O Peter who were named by Christ The guardian-shepherd of His flock, Protect the Church He built on You To stand unyielding, firm on rock.” (From the Divine Office for the day) Picture: Coat of arms of the […]

21st February 2021 - 21st February 2021 |

St. Peter Damian

Peter Damian (1007-1072).  Born at Ravenna, he became a hermit at Fonte Avellana where was elected prior of his community.  He helped the pope through his writings, and acted as legate to reform the Church. Finally created cardinal, and Bishop of Ostia, on his death he was immediately venerated as a saint. Picture: Saint Peter Damian […]

17th February 2021 - 17th February 2021 |

Seven founders of Servite Order

Seven Florentines went to lead lives as hermits on Monte Senario, venerating the Blessed Virgin.  They then preached throughout Tuscany where they formed the Servite Order to further this purpose. Picture: St. Alessio de’ Falconieri (Alexius, d. 1310), one of the seven founders.

14th February 2021 - 14th February 2021 |

Ss. Cyril & Methodius

Cyril was born a Salonika and educated at Constantinople.  With his brother Methodius, he went to Moravia to preach the faith.  They both translated liturgical books into the Slavonic language, using the Cyrillic alphabet which they invented.  They were called to Rome where Cyril died in 869.  Methodius became a bishop and went to Hungary […]

11th February 2021 - 11th February 2021 |

Our Lady of Lourdes

In 1858,Our Lady appeared to Bernadette Soubirous and two other children near Lourdes in the grotto of Massabielle.  He lady asked her to keep coming back to the grotto near the River Gave, and told her to scrape the ground, where a trickle of water eventually appeared.  After much hardship and persuasion, the local parish […]

10th February 2021 - 10th February 2021 |

St. Scholastica

Sister of St. Benedict, born at Norcia in Umbria about 480.  She consecrated herself to God, and followed her brother to the famous monastery of Monte Cassino.  Tradition has it that she visited her brother in his monastery, and when he suggested that she should leave because it was getting dark, and he wanted to […]

8th February 2021 - 8th February 2021 |

St. Jerome Emiliani

St. Jerome Emiliani. Born in Venice in 1486 he became a soldier before leaving that life to consecrate himself to helping the poor to whom he gave his worldly goods. Founded the Order of Clerks Regular (the Somaschi) for the purpose of helping orphaned children, and died near Bergamo (Pope John XXIII’s birthplace) in 1537.

6th February 2021 - 6th February 2021 |

St. Paul Miki & his companions

St. Paul Miki was born in Japan some time between 1564 and 1566, where he became a Jesuit priest. When persecution arose, he and 25 others were arrested, subjected to terrible tortures and crucified in 1597 at Nagasaki, the town which was itself to suffer so greatly in the Second World War.

5th February 2021 - 5th February 2021 |

St. Agatha

St. Agatha suffered martyrdom at Catania in Sicily, probably under the persecution of Decius. Picture: Torture of St Agatha