Lenten Services

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Stations of the Cross and Mass at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Tuesday and Thursday: Morning/Evening Prayer and Mass at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm; & Mass in OLHS at 12:40 pm.

Thursday: Mass in St. Mary's school at 11:00 am.

Saturday: Morning Prayer and Mass at 10:00 am; vigil Mass of Sunday 7:00 pm.


19th March 2019 - 19th March 2019 |

St Joseph

Joseph.  Husband of Mary, foster-father of Jesus.  Was reassured by an angel about taking his already pregnant wife and took care both of her and her Son.  Little is known about him, and he never utters a word throughout the whole of the Gospels.

18th March 2019 - 18th March 2019 |

Cyril of Jerusalem

Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386).  He succeeded Maximus as Bishop of Jerusalem in 348.  Involved in the Arian controversy and ws sentenced to exile on more than one occasion.  His Catecheses explained the true doctrine of the faith and the Sacred Scriptures as well as the tradition of the Church. Picture: Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, fresco at […]

17th March 2019 - 17th March 2019 |

St Patrick

St Patrick (385-461)  Born possibly at Old Kilpatrick.  Taken as a captive to Ireland as a slave where he worked as a herdsman.  Making his escape, he became a priest and Bishop of Ireland where he converted many to the faith and reorganised the Church throughout Ireland.  Reputedly buried at Downpatrick.

10th March 2019 - 10th March 2019 |

John Ogilvie

10th March 2015, Scotland celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. John Ogilvie, who was hanged at Glasgow Cross for celebrating Mass during a time when Catholicism was outlawed by the state.

9th March 2019 - 9th March 2019 |

Frances of Rome

Frances of Rome (1384-1440).  Born in Rome, she married very young and had three children.  Gave her goods to the poor and tended the sick.  Founded the Congregation of Oblates to follow the Rule of St. Benedict.

8th March 2019 - 8th March 2019 |

St John of God

St John of God (1495-1550).  He retired from life as a soldier and devoted the rest of his life to good works, especially to looking after the sick.  He founded a hospital at Granada in Spain and set up the Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of God, an order still extant today.  Outstanding in […]

7th March 2019 - 7th March 2019 |

Ss Perpetua & Felicity

They both die in the persecution of Septimius Severus in 203 in Carthage.  There exists an impressive account of their martyrdom. Picture: Painting showing the martyrdom of Perpetua, Felicitas, Revocatus, Saturninus and Secundulus, from the Menologion of Basil II (c. 1000 AD)

4th March 2019 - 4th March 2019 |

St. Casimir

St. Casimir (1458-1484).  Son of the King of Poland.  He practised the Christian virtues, especially chastity and love of the poor.  Renowned for the strength of his faith and his devotion to Our Blessed Lady, he died of phthisis. Picture: Długosz and Saint Casimir by Florian Cynk (circa 1869)

1st March 2019 - 1st March 2019 |

St David

St. David, Patron of Wales.  Born at Cardigan, about 520, he received his early training from St. Illtyd.  Attracted many to the various monasteries he founded, all of which were famous for the austerity of their rule of life.  Consecrated bishop, and recognised as primate of Wales, he established his see at Menevia  where he […]

23rd February 2019 - 23rd February 2019 |

St. Polycarp

A disciple of the apostles themselves and bishop of Smyrna, he went to Rome to confer with Pope Anicetus about the celebration of Easter.  Suffered martyrdom about 155 by being burned to death in the city (of Rome) stadium.