Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers

Fifth Sunday of Easter

No one wants to be out on a limb; we have to remain connected to the central stem –  Christ and His Church.  With this in mind, we pray:-

  1. For the Church. May She always follow the example of St. Paul and continue to preach the faith fearlessly, no matter the cost – Lord, in Your mercy.
  2. For peace in our world.   May Your Spirit of love transform it into a single community where all people are respected,  whatever their colour, faith or culture – Lord, in Your mercy.
  3. For those who are struggling with their faith, or who have fallen away from Your Church. Touch them  with Your  Holy Spirit  to bring them peace in their hearts and minds – Lord, in Your mercy.
  4. For those who have returned to school. May Your Holy Spirit guide and enlighten them with courage and confidence – Lord, in Your mercy.
  5. For Kathleen Walton and John Lindberg who have _died recently, together with Fr.Herbert Herrity and Jim Byrrie, whose anniversaries occur about this time.   Bring them  to the fullness of life in Your presence – Lord, .in Your mercy.

Loving Father, You give us a spirit of prayer and confidence in Your love. May what we ask You in faith now be done according to Your will.

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