Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers

Every day, we’re faced  with choices,  whether  to respond  to our own selfish wants and desires or to the needs of others –  very appropriate as we  look  forward  to  Mission  Sunday  next  Sunday. Let’s ask the Lord to help us follow His way of self-sacrifice  and humble service::-

  1. For our Holy Father, his fellow bishops, and priests. May they never lose sight of their calling to serve rather  than  to  be  served. Guide them all in wisdom and love – Lord, hear us
  2. For those in authority. May their words  and their actions  be guided by gentleness, understanding and compassion – Lord, hear us.
  3. We pray for those  who risk their  lives to serve others, especially in nursing and the emergency services – Lord, hear us.
  4. For those who have lost their way in life. By our  practical example and help, may they regain their faith, hope and love – Lord, hear us.
  5. We pray for ourselves, and the situations in which we find ourselves in the course of the coming week. May we be Your true servants through serving those around us by word and deed – Lord, hear us.
  6. Welcome those who have died recently into Your peace: Joyce Armstrong, Susie Tierney, Marie Cowe, Paul McAvoy, together with those whose anniversaries we commemorate: Bert  Young,  Tom Conlon,  Roy Jackson, Tom  Dowds,  Jim &  Peter Murphy.   Bring them to everlasting life with our  blessed  Lady and all  the saints  – Lord, hear us.

Lord,  we  come before You today,  not  only with our  strengths,  but our weaknesses and failings too, so that we may  become the people You created and want us to be.

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