Bidding Prayers

Bidding Prayers

Sunday 23rd January 2021

Jesus calls us to follow Him. Trusting in His call, we turn to Him in prayer:-

We love, secure in the knowledge that we are loved by God Who is very close to us. So it is with great confidence that we now make our needs known to our Father:-

  1. For the Church. May it always bear witness to the truth which
  • For our world. Where there is conflict and division, let there be peace and hope – Lord, hear us.
  • For those so caught up in the cares and concerns of life that they are unable to hear Your call, or experience Your presence. Help them become more aware of Your presence and love in their lives – Lord, hear us.
  • Comfort those who have suffered abuse in mind, body or spirit, and restore their sense of dignity and self-worth – Lord, hear us.
  • We pray with thanksgiving for all those who have led faithful lives of discipleship and have inspired us with their faith, especially those of our community who have died recently: Archbishop Tartaglia, Robert Ferrol, Clarry Knox, Thomas Gribben, Margaret Fulton (Braeface Road). May they now enter into the fullness of Your Kingdom – Lord, hear us.

Lord asks us to look into our own hearts and minds, and change the ways in which we think and act in answer to His call.

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