Bidding Prayers

At His baptism, Jesus was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare Him for His mission.  Let’s pray to that same Spirit, that the fire of God’s love may bring healing and reconciliation to all people:-

  1. For ourselves, Your holy people. Reborn in baptism, may we work confidently for Your Kingdom, and bear witness to Your love for all, irrespective of their race, colour or faith – Lord, hear us.
  2. For those who exercise leadership in Church or State. May they not neglect their responsibility to serve and act with integrity and justice towards those in their care – Lord, hear us.
  3. For those who have lost their way in  life, lost faith in You, and in those arouind them.   May Your Holy Spirit empower and restore in them a new confidence – Lord, hear us.
  4. For all our young people as they return to school or college. Help them realise their full potential as they realise that they too are created in Your image and likeness, and make the best choices for their lives – Lord, hear us.
  5. For Jim Allison and Michael Campbell who have died recently; and for Mary Power, Mary Tolland, Mary Susan Tolland, Bridget & William  Frizzell, whose anniversaries occur about this time.  May they now enter fully into the life that Your Son has won through His resurrection – Lord, hear us.

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