Become a Catholic

                                     Thinking of Becoming a Catholic? Where do you begin?

The starting point for becoming a member of the Catholic Church is simply talking to your local Parish Priest, who will be happy to talk you through the process.
If you  are interested in becoming a Catholic and would like to join us here in St Joseph’s Parish in Cumbernauld you will be made very welcome!
Contact  Father Harry McKay who will be happy to chat with you. You can call him on 01236722897 or                               Mobile 07833944257 or if you’d rather, you can email him at 

Many adults entering the Catholic Church, or those just thinking about it, follow a process known as the:                                       RCIA– the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Follow this link for more information      Click here to visit the Archdiocese of Glasgow RCIA page


Not ready to talk to someone quite yet? 
Whether or not you are ready to make that phone call or send that first email, you are always welcome to begin experiencing the life of the parish. You can come along to Mass on a Sunday and see what goes on. You can learn a lot about what it means to be Catholic by coming to Mass on Sunday.
There is no need to be self-conscious… Catholics are notoriously low-key about visitors! No one will start asking you a lot of personal questions; you won’t have to stand up and introduce yourself. You can just watch what is going on and pray in your own words during the quiet parts of the Mass.
The one thing you should know is that when people go forward to receive Holy Communion, you should not do so. Though you are welcome to go forward for a blessing just follow the person in front and fold your arms across your chest, that way the priest will know you are not taking Communion. When you do decide to become a Catholic, you will be preparing for the great day when you will enter the Church and receive Holy Communion for the first time.